About Me

About Me

Hi! I’m Betsa and my main goal is travel as far as possible…

I’m someone who lives in Venezuela, in Latin America, but I’m about to move to Europe in a short period of time, I love to travel and get to know a place’s history, traditions and how they connect to make its people be the way they are, actually, I’m a history geek and not ashamed.

I’m a political scientist but I teach English, nevertheless what I love the most is travel; I am, in fact, the person friends and family go to when they need to book a trip. In order to find about more about a place’s history I’m willing to do what some people would call “crazy” things, such as getting into graveyards, speaking to the towns’ chroniclers or looking for information in hundred years old books, as I’ve done before and would do again if presented the chance.

There’s one more thing I love, and it is food, eat it and cook it. Food is the best way you can follow to get to know a person. Also, a place’s culture is reflected in its food, in its flavors and colors and it tells a lot about its history and traditions, about why its people is like they are and about how they developed to be that in the present.